Dragon City Breeding Guide

Reproducing mythical serpents can be tedious as each rearing period and egg bring forth demands investment. Most level 2 sorts expect no less than 8 hours or something else for rearing and incubating.

Preferably, you will need to begin getting the level 3 mythical serpents quickly. Like that, when you have two level 3 mythical beasts like the sticky or soccer, you can begin going for the gold.

Generation(Tier) 1

These are your essential mythical serpents. There are a sum of 8 components. They are Terra, Flame, Water, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal and Dark.

The ice, metal and dull will be more earnestly to get because of the way that you should get to a more significant level to fabricate their living spaces.

Age 2

You get level 2 when you breed two level 1 from age 1. For instance, in the event that you breed a nature mythical beast with an ice winged serpent, there is an opportunity you will get either a dandelion or CBD Gummies Scams mojito mythical serpent. Level 2 sorts are expected to raise level 3 mythical serpents.

Age 3

There are principally six level 3 winged serpents. These level 3 sorts can’t be breed straightforwardly from level 1 sort. On the off chance that you attempt to raise a fire with ice, it will not permit you. Thus, what you should do is to raise a level 1 with a level 2 mythical serpent for the best opportunities to get one of these intriguing mythical beasts.

To raise a level 3 sort, utilize a level 2 mythical serpent with no less than one a similar component and breed it with the essential component of the level 1 winged serpent. For instance, Gummy mythical beast has the component of electric and nature. To have the best possibilities getting it, you will require:

Star Dragon(Terra + Electric) + Nature Dragon

On the other hand, you can likewise utilize another brush like the Neon (Electric + Dark) and Nenufar (Water + Nature). This will take more attempts since there are more potential blends.

Age 4

These are the uncommon incredible mythical serpents that you can raise utilizing level 3 sorts. It takes a sum of 4 days to get them. That incorporates 2 days of rearing and 2 days of incubating.

Preferably, you will need to raise the level 3 on various occasions to get one of these winged serpents.

There are a sum of four level 4 sorts and they are incredible, mirror, gem and wind. In addition to the fact that they are strong, they are simply feeble to their own sort.

Age 5

To get these, you will require two level 4 sorts to raise one of these. They are similarly essentially as strong as the level 4 and you can likewise raise unadulterated component mythical serpents by reproducing the unadulterated mythical beast with a level 1 winged serpent.